Hiring Process

The journey to getting hired at pg官方电子平台-pg电子游戏官方平台-apple app store排行榜  

Take the first steps to turning your career journey into an exciting new adventure. We pride ourselves on providing an engaging experience, allowing you to shine and explore why our team members love to work at pg官方电子平台-pg电子游戏官方平台-apple app store排行榜 – and why you will, too. We look forward to getting to know you throughout the interview process.  

1. Discover why pg官方电子平台-pg电子游戏官方平台-apple app store排行榜 is great place to work

We are pg官方电子平台-pg电子游戏官方平台-apple app store排行榜! Our team members have a passion for winning by creating strong partnerships and collaborating across our global teams. You’ll love the people you work with, the projects you get to work on and being in an environment that doesn’t expect you to work hard without the chance to play hard.

2. Find a job that fits your career goals 

Join Our Journey! pg官方电子平台-pg电子游戏官方平台-apple app store排行榜 offers tech and non-tech positions in most of our global locations with opportunities for advancement and work flexibility.   

3. Submit your application and resume 

Is your resume up to date? Does your experience meet the job requirements? The Talent Acquisition team will review resumes to determine the best fit for the role.

4. Make a lasting first impression 

If you are selected, a recruiter will reach out and schedule a call to explore how your qualifications fit the needs of the team. You’ll have the chance to talk about the role, ask questions and learn more about pg官方电子平台-pg电子游戏官方平台-apple app store排行榜.

If you’re not selected for this opportunity, there may be other opportunities available now or in the future. Stay in touch with us. 

5. Bring your best  

You’ll have virtual or in-person interviews with the hiring manager and team. This may take place during one or more interviews. Be prepared to bring your best whether on screen or onsite, to be confirmed when scheduling a time for your interview.

Check out our interview tips section below for a winning interview experience.  

6. Welcome to the pg官方电子平台-pg电子游戏官方平台-apple app store排行榜 team  

Start your journey! The candidate who is selected will be extended an offer, and we’ll finalize a start date. On your first day, you’re already part of the team and will begin onboarding. Meet your team, choose your benefits, and learn about opportunities to develop professionally and get involved in the pg官方电子平台-pg电子游戏官方平台-apple app store排行榜 culture. 

Tips for a winning interview experience

The standard ways to prepare for an interview are pretty well known – make sure you know what the company does, the content on the company’s website, how your experience and skills match the role you’re applying for, etc. But we’ve put together a few extra tips that will help you prepare and hopefully give you a bit of an edge to stand out and land your dream job.  

Research interview questions based on the job title or description 

In addition to practicing how you’d answer traditional interview questions, Google interview questions specifically for the job title or description you applied for. Pay attention to both the hard and soft skills, experience and qualifications listed. You may find some unique questions that will help you prepare. 

Go from interviewee to interviewer 

Have some questions ready to ask during the interview as well. This is your chance to educate yourself on the role, understand the team and their goals, learn firsthand about our company culture, and find out any additional information that is important to you.

Be prepared to share a challenging experience and how you resolved it 

Your resume and interview should cover your previous role(s), capabilities, successes, etc. – all the great stuff. But it’s also important to know how you’ve handled the not-so-great experiences such as a project that wasn’t as successful as you hoped, making a mistake, or conflict with a co-worker.  

Promote your soft skills and show you’re a well-rounded candidate 

While having the technical skills for a job is essential (also known as hard skills), soft skills that are more related to personality traits that are important as well. Great communication skills that show you care, curiosity that drives you to explore new possibilities, ability to work with a variety of personalities, and accountability are examples of important soft skills at pg官方电子平台-pg电子游戏官方平台-apple app store排行榜.

Stay connected with your recruiter 

Let your recruiter know how your interview experience is going and about your continued interest in the role. Your recruiter is your main point of contact during the interview process and is happy to provide as much guidance as possible.   

Frequently Asked Questions 

Passion: We bring our best to work every day 
Curiosity: We explore ideas without settling for what we already know 
Transparency: We work together with openness and honesty 
Partnership: We work as partners inside an outside 
Rigor: We work with discipline and precision 
Accountability: We accept responsibility to own how we work and results we create 

We live by our values and encourage people to recognize other team members’ efforts through the pg官方电子平台-pg电子游戏官方平台-apple app store排行榜 Say Thanks program. Say Thanks is more than just written acknowledgement; it also includes tangible rewards.  

Our culture focuses on our people, providing a place where team members can be their best selves and do their best work. This includes a culture where inclusion and diversity are priority, including supporting professional interests and development with company sponsored opportunities such as our inclusion groups, training and certifications, mentorship, and more. For more about our culture, visit our People & Culture page.  

Our current vision is to create a new marketplace for personalized travel by 2025 through the transformation of our business, our culture and our technology. pg官方电子平台-pg电子游戏官方平台-apple app store排行榜 team members are always working on innovative ways for our customers to offer the perfect travel experience. This includes a multi-year partnership with Google to leverage its Cloud and AI technology to create the future of travel. Here’s what some of our team members have to say about Transforming Technology at pg官方电子平台-pg电子游戏官方平台-apple app store排行榜

pg官方电子平台-pg电子游戏官方平台-apple app store排行榜 is a place where you can take ownership in your work, and we have a variety of ways team members can grow professionally, including LinkedIn Learning, a mentorship program and opportunities to advance your career as part of your journey at pg官方电子平台-pg电子游戏官方平台-apple app store排行榜. pg官方电子平台-pg电子游戏官方平台-apple app store排行榜 is also the #2 Google Cloud certifier in the world, only behind Google itself. Learn more about what pg官方电子平台-pg电子游戏官方平台-apple app store排行榜 offers for professional interests and development here.  

Yes! pg官方电子平台-pg电子游戏官方平台-apple app store排行榜 offers one day per quarter for every team member, globally to volunteer for their favorite organization or to volunteer with one of the team-member organized Give Together groups

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